Derek was a really great salesman.
Buyers survey response    

Great people to work with.
Buyers survey response    

Kevin- was very quick in responding & had everything lined up. Blakely-was very knowledgeable (sp) & quick- GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Buyers survey response    

Derek and Blakely were so wonderful anything to help me buy my first car. I had great experience!!
Buyer Survey response    

Very helpful great deal!
Buyer Survey response    

Awesome experience Kevin and Blakely were both great!!!
Buyer Survey response    

every one is very helpful.
Buyer Survey response    

Great customer service!
Buyer Survey response    

Derek did a great job!!
Buyer Survey response    

Great & experience!!
Buyer Survey response    

Derek did a awesome job!!!
Buyer Survey Respose    

Very friendly help . Great experience
Buyer Survey response    

Made it 100% easy. Much appreciated well worth the 4hr drive.
Buyer Survey response    

Your Staff is professional, helpful & friendly
Buyer Survey response    

Awesome people to work with here at smith south plains.
Buyer survey Response    

Very Good!
Buyer Survey Response    

Buyers Survey Response    

David is a personal guy, made us feel more like a person. We didn't feel like a sale.
Buyers Survey Response    

Great service
Buyers Survey Response    

Buyers Survey Response    

Super friendly, had me in and out besides waiting on my insurance.
Buyers Survey Response    

Great service
Buyer Servey Response    

Great first car buying experience. Everyone was incredibly friendly & accommodating!!
Buyer survey response    

Great experience / no pressure
Buyer survey response    

Very friendly
Buyer survey response    

Extremely great service !!!
Buyer survey response    

Sales person was very patient
Buyer survey response    

Very Good.
Buyer survey response    

Easy and Quick
Buyer survey response    

Very nice people
Buyer survey response    

appreciate personal, always have helpful.
Buyer survey response    

Very helpful Employees
Buyer Survey Response    

Very polite service and nice personal.
Buyer Survey Response    

Buyer Survey Response    

Very friendly!!!
Buyer Survey Response    

It was very good & rewarding.
Buyer Survey Response    

Buyer Survey Response    

Always a positive experience.
Buyer Survey Response    

Had a very good experience everyone was nice and friendly.
Buyer Survey Response    

David Rivera did a great job!
Buyer Survey Response    

Smith South Plains is a great place to do business.
R. Van Beekum    

Freddy Ruiz is always willing to do whatever it takes to take care of us every time we're there.
R. Blocker    

Derek Hughes did an excellent job showing me several different vehicles. After the sale, he has continued to follow-up. I would definitely recommend Smith South Plains to anyone.
T. Sanders    

Everything was good, thank you all!
M. Vidales    

Smith South Plains Levelland is AWESOME! Very professional and efficient!
K. Baggett    

Nice people
Buyer Survey Response    

David Rivera was very professional and helpful.
Buyer Survey Response    

Very nice people
Buyer Survey Response    

Everyone is helpful!
S. Lewis    

Salesperson was experienced
Buyer Survey Response    

Very easy to work with.
C. Erwin    

Excellent sales management
Buyer Survey Response    

David Rivera was very attentive and went through each detail of the vehicle very clearly. He was very polite and understanding of my needs in a vehicle. The finance person was also very clear in explaining my options. I am very pleased with my purchase and am enjoying the vehicle very much. Every detail of the vehicle surpassed my expectations. THANK YOU!!!
M. Armstrong    

Smith South Plains is a five-star dealership in my opinion. Tony Martin had worked there for years and is a great asset to the dealership. The owner came out and greeted me as I was buying and made me feel right at home and assured me that they would always be there if I needed and expressed her sincere appreciation for doing business with them. I have nothing but high praise for Smith Ford!!!!!
D. Macha    

Love all the people here. Mando and Derek are the best!
Buyer Survey Response    

M. Guerra    

Great sales and service
Buyer Survey Response    

Very satisfied
S. Richardson    

Very nice people very helpful
Buyer Repsonse Survey    

Great service, very friendly
Buyer Survey Response    

Very friendly and professional
J. Harris    

Always great to do business here. Very friendly, always very professional. Great leadership = great product!
M. Siders    

Was a great one!
Buyer Survey Response    

Everyone was very helpful and very nice
Buyer Survey Response    

Was a really great experience and treated me with respect. I will buy another car there in the future.
S. Sorum    

Everyone has been amazing! Helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Buyer Survey Response    

Very helpful
Buyer Survey Response    

Great experience!
Buyer Survey Reponse    

No pressure sales- keep me coming back!
Buyer Survey Response    

Seeing the car via Internet is what enticed us
Buyer Survey Response    

Very pleasant
Buyer Survey Response    

Great service from everyone here.
A. Martinez    

Great place to buy. Didn't have to haggle over price.
Buyer Survey Response    

No pressures, good selection
Buyer Survey Response    

Easy-pain free-courteous-willing to negotiate sales price.
Buyer Survey Response    

It was great
Buyer Survey Response    

Very pleased with customer service
Buyer Survey Response    

The salesperson was excellent and very willing to help.
Buyer Survey Response    

Salesman was excellent, very persistent but his persistency paid off at the end for us.
Buyer Response Survey    

Very good staff
Buyer Response Survey    

Courteous and professional
R. Rogers    

Great sales person seems trustworthy friendly and worked with us on everything.
Buyer Survey Response    

Appreciated the consideration and respect.
Buyer Survey Response    

Everyone has been extremely helpful.
Buyer Response Survey    

Dealer had positive attitude.
V. Vizcarra    

Great group of people to work with.
Buyer Survery Response    

Love the people, they work with you and are great servicers.
K. Agnew    

Everything was explained in a manner to be understood.
W. Stanley    

Stayed open late to accommodate our hours!
K. Boggs    

Was pleased with the professional service of the employees who handled "deal"
Buyer Survey Response    

Derek was excellent. Very accommodating in all aspects of the process.
J. Bowen    

Best car buying experience I've ever had.
J. Lierman    

We wanted to say thank you to the Service Department– especially to Bobby, Freddy, the young lady who picked us up, and to the technicians who finally found the electrical problem and helped fix it. Your willingness to come to Lubbock, pick us up, and pick up our car is greatly appreciated. When I got the car and was told "no charge," if renewed my faith in people who do the right thing, just because it is right. Thank you very much. You are tops in our book.
V. Yarbrough    

We are very happy that we stopped by and talked with David Rivera. He is very professional; I will continue to shop at Smith south Plains. And I will recommend David Rivera and Smith South Plains! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
T. Alvidrez    

Roger Corral was very helpful and professional.
Buyer Survey Response    

Awesome finance officer and salesman!!!
Buyer Survey Response    

Derek was very helpful in finding the best truck for my husband and I. Always very friendly especially on the many phone calls we had. SSP made the process as easy as possible.
C. Madrid    

Very friendly staff!
J. Davis    

David Rivera is an awesome person, helped with everything. Thanks David!!!
Buyer Survey Response    

Thank you for your time, help, and patience! Derek was very helpful– we appreciated his help (and Armando's)!
Buyer Survey Response    

The sales team worked extra hard to make the whole deal work out for us!
Buyer Survey Response    

I appreciated the assistance of Tony Bob Martin.
Buyer Survey Response    

Great friendly customer service!
Buyer Survey Response    

I could not have had a better salesperson. He was very good and answered all my questions.
G. Smith    

We have been doing business with them for over 50 years.
L. Meurer    

Tony Martin is a wonderful person. He finds me exactly what I am looking for and gets me the best deal possible. He goes above and beyond to help me and I am so grateful Ford has him working for them. I would not trade anywhere else without Tony's trust.
W. Franklin    

Wonderful staff!!!!
J. Pharis    

David is an awesome salesperson at SSP. He is always very helpful and finds us what we are looking for.
D. Siegel    

Salesman, David Rivera was friendly and helpful. He made our decision to purchase an enjoyable experience.
C. Hickman    

I was completely satisfied. Thank you.
J. Bellar    

Smith South Plains did an excellent job helping me purchase my truck.
R. Beekum    

Great! Salesman was very cordial and was not pushy... answered my questions and he was very good to work with. I will be back!
R. Blair    

Very good people to work with.
J. Nunn    

Awesome dealership
C. Roberts    

Freddy has done a fantastic job any time we need a vehicle fixed and David Rivera has always helped and asked how we are doing with our car.
W. Palmer    

Very satisfied. They took the time to find the vehicle I wanted.
J. Boyd    

Great service experience.
R. Starr    

This is the first positive car sales experience in my lifetime and I'm 58. Finally, a decent and respectful car dealer. I had gone to G*** M***** the day before with a horrible experience and walked out. I have recommended Smith South Plains to friends and relatives.
M. Reigner    

The people at Smith South Plains are great!
Joe Dee Brooks, LLC    

Tony Martin was very helpful and I have told many friends to go see him about their next truck!
N. Barnette    

Buying a new truck could not have been a more enjoyable experience thanks to Mrs. Annette Sykora. Professionalism is always at the top of Smith [South Plains]. Thanks.
B. Kerr    

I enjoyed dealing with salesperson, David, he was well aware of what products I was looking for in a new vehicle. David did not try to convince me to buy additional features that I didn't really want. Thanks.
R. McMillan    

Great sales person and great experience.
Beck Steel Inc.    

Cecil Evans did a great job and was very helpful in the purchase.
T. Baugh    

Totally respected my time, Were ready for me with several cars to consider and test drive. Very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. I loved the whole experience at Smith South Plains!
D. Melcher    

Cecil Evans was incredibly helpful. I have never had an easier experience finding a car. He made buying my first brand new car very easy. I am completely satisfied with his customer service and couldn't think of buying another car from anyone else. I will definitely be back!
E. Stanley    

Smith [South Plains] is an excellent place to do business.
T. Franklin    

Compared to other vehicle purchasing experiences, there is no comparison. These people are the most courteous and professional we have dealt with. This is the 3rd purchase from this dealership and we will be hard pressed to go to another as long as Tony and the current owners are there. We will definitely recommend Smith South Plains to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.
D. Reeves    

Everyone was extremely nice and easy to work with.
J. Hanslik    

Thank you so much for working with us and helping us out! Derek and Armando were excellent!
Buyer Survey Response    

Everyone was kind and friendly.
Buyer Survey Response    

Cecil Evans is the best.
Buyer Survey Response    

We only do business here!
Buyer Survey Response    

Always pleasant and very accommodating.
Buyer Survey Response    

Great people. Great service. Just a pleasant experience.
Buyer Survey Response    

I have always received the best treatment and prices at Smith South Plains.
Buyer Survey Response    

Great atmosphere, no pressure to buy. Friendly staff.
Buyer Survey Response    

I was much more relaxed with this purchase than at another dealership.
Buyer Survey Response    

The Finance MAnager was outstanding in getting the loan and payment I desired.
C. Wallace    

Very satisfied with this service experience.
P. Bell    

They found me a great used Toyota Tacoma for a great low price. They even got me in and out in one day!
C. Campbell    

They listened to what I wanted and didn't give me any hassle. Wonderful sales agent!
Buyer Survey Response    

Your sales and finance folks are so easy to work with. I appreciate that you let me take time to make a decision. No high pressure sales. Thank you.
Buyer Survey Response    

My Explorer was serviced and when it was complete, Smith South Plains washed it at no charge, a service I really appreciate.
N. Hicks    

We had a great experience. The sales person was no pressure and helped me find exactly what I wanted.
J. Torres    

Great Service, found what I was looking for. Great Truck, Great Service, Great Dealership!
J. Durham    

Overall very good!
Lubbock MHMR Center    

Personnel was great. I can call them when I have a question anytime. Definitely a good team.

I very much had a good sales experience with these people. In the past it has been so bad with other dealers that we haven't purchased anything new in 10 years. Thanks So Much!
K. Wenzel    

I was totally satisfied with Smith South Plains and the entire sales process.
J. Rose    

I have been doing business with Smith South Plains 50 Years. Great People!
L. Meurer    

They beat everybody's price! Excellent Job!
M. Buxkemper    
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